Pricelist is available on each accommodationpage, the longer you stay the cheaper it becomes (up to 4 weeks). The price you get in your confirmation is valid for that accommodationperiod.

You pay at check in. If you stay longer than 2 weeks, you can pay for the first 2 weeks but then you pay according to 2 week-price initially and the excess is credited for the next 2 weeks payment. If you stay additional time  the price is  4-weeks price (this is due to the 14-day cancellation option).

You can pay with MasterCard,  Visa or American Express. If you want to pay by bank ask us to send an invoice. All needed information as BIC/IBAN is available on the invoice then. Mark transfer with invoicenumber och OCR-number. We can invoice companies by agreement.

You can book for as long as you want (if we have available rooms or apartments), prices will be lower (per week) up to 4 weeks. The rental period is between the dates stated in your confirmation, the notice period is mutually 14 days.
If you want to stay longer your extension request must be made in good time and is only valid if you get new confirmation.
Checkin time is from 15:00 and the room must be vacated by 12:00 checkout-day

Smoking is NOT allowed indoors or in the doorway with the door open, in any of the buildings. We reserve the right to charge the cost of sanitation if smoking has been done indoors. No animals are allowed except in a few 1-bed apartments, and then only after confirmation on booking mail.

As the hotel is equipped with automatic firealarm the cost for fire brigade will be charged to the tenant if caused by smoking or extensive cooking. All guests are to vacate the building if firewarning sounds.

About 15 minutes walk from
 the town centre; you will find Klangs Gränd in the district of Luthagen. If you arrive by car the easiest route is to go Luthagsleden and turn southeast on Tiundagatan. From Arlanda airport there is a direct train to Uppsala Central Station. From the Central Station, you can take a bus that will take you near Klangs Gränd. See  www.ul.se for timetable and bus routes. Map and other contact information can be found here »

You can  rent bicycles during your stay with us, please write this in the inquiry under preferences that you wish to rent a bike because we only have a limited number. The price is 75 SEK per day, 250 SEK for a week, 400 for 2 weeks  and 500 SEK  for 4 weeks.

We use a key-safe placed on the wall outside the reception for late arrivals. Call +46 18 50 50 41 to get the code. Your key is marked with your name and room/apartment-number. Please see map above key-safe. Observe that 5V is an apartment in the house on the other side of the yard and V5 is a room in the reception building. Please also observe that 5G is an apartment and G5 is room in the building ( Garaget) across from the key-safe/reception. Apartment doors are marked with their letter only. Rooms are marked with both letter and number ( G1-6, V3-12)

To be able to use the hotel parking you need a parking permit which you can obtain from us. We offer limited parking for our guests. Please park efficiently.

Please don’t park behind other cars and respect the reserved parking spaces of the hotel parking.

Parkingpermit not req during active chargingsession. Waybler areacode 8001

Parking in the hotel yard is not permitted. That hinders the access for fire- and rescue vehicles.