Rooms with shared kitchen, toilet / shower or fully equipped apartments with kitchen and toilet / shower, cable TV, Internet access (both wireless and cable), free parking and access to laundry. The apartments include linen and towels and cleaning once a week. Rooms include besides linen, towels final cleaning after check-out. All prices in SEK.

Housing<2 weeks>=2 weeks >=3 weeks >=4 weeks
Single room550 kr/night430 kr/night375 kr/night325 kr/night
Double room705 kr/night580 kr/night510 kr/night440 kr/night
1-bed apartment820 kr/night675 kr/night590 kr/night510 kr/night
Studio apartment950 kr/night800 kr/night705 kr/night600 kr/night
2-4 beds apartment1 450 kr/night1 190 kr/night1 050 kr/night850 kr/night
4-6 beds apartment1 800 kr/night1 480 kr/night1 300 kr/night1 100 kr/night
Extra bed735 kr/week735 kr/week 735 kr/week 735 kr/week